Thursday, 26 August 2010

Einstein – a yoyo !

His name is synonymous with great intelligence but it turns out that he is just another plagiarist. Over the last few years I have read a number of articles that have caste a new light on the career and reputation of Albert Einstein. Many have hinted that he stole many of his ideas from the work of his first wife. Recently I came across this article called ‘Albert Einstein: Plagiarist and Fraud’ via the TruthSeeker site.

The most glaring evidence against Einstein concerns “his” most famous equation. One website notes “The equation E=mc^2, which has been forever linked to Einstein & his Theory of Relativity was not originally published by Einstein. According to Umberto Bartocci, a professor at the University of Perugia and a historian of mathematics, this famous equation was first published by Olinto De Pretto …two years prior to Einstein’s publishing of the equation. In 1903 De Pretto published his equation in the scientific magazine Atte and in 1904 it was republished by the Royal Science Institute of Veneto. Einstein’s research was not published until 1905… Einstein was well versed in Italian and even lived in Northern Italy for a brief time.”

Ian Mosley makes an excellent point and it allows us to question yet another media hyped myth from the last century. Great scientists like Maxwell, Tesla and Birkeland are almost unknown to the general population. How would science have benefited if the work of the original scientists had been rewarded? At least now yet another fraud has been exposed and the real genius of others may be honoured accordingly.


  1. It isn't his week, you are spot on. Nobel MUPPET.

  2. In this ass-backwards world a Nobel prize (an explosives manufacturer) should really be viewed as a mark of suspicion. The irony of a peace prize from a bomb maker can be lost on many.

  3. Hiya Chucky,

    I have read that the plagiarist Einstein also worked in a patents office. If so, that would have been convenient for "his" discoveries.

    The other fake to read up on is the disgusting sexual pervert Freud. A POS if ever there was one.



  4. A fine example of synchronicity Anon. Suraci and I have been discussing that very link over at his place.