Friday, 27 November 2009

What happens when the Internet really goes down?

Here is a cheery thought. What would you do if you opened you favourite web browser and your home page returned an error saying “Server not found”. All of your websites returned the same error. Ok, you say, I’ll check my internet connection. That seems to be fine so you call your ISP for some technical assistance and you can’t get through. You turn on the boob tube and there’s a new flash. The US is reporting a cyber attack and has disconnected the main Internet Names Servers………………now what?

If you think this a far fetched idea read this article. For those of us who follow world events the name Rockefeller should ring some alarm bells. The US government has always controlled the running of the Internet’s Domain Name Servers (DNS). That control may have been less hands-on of late but if they want the plug pulled it will happen.

The technology behind this is not complex and was designed in the early - more trusting - years of the Internet. The DNS servers are a huge directory of web addresses and operate almost like a phone book. When you type your PC looks up its Internet addresses (IP) address and gets the number Then it goes off and gets your page. This happens for every web page.

So what can we do? You can create your own list for the most of the sites you visit. I will describe how this can be achieved. In the following instructions I have assumed that the reader has zero IT skills (apologies to the cyber warriors out there).

This advice will only work BEFORE the blackout. You can create and maintain your own manual list. It is surprisingly easy. I will supply directions for users of Windows XP and Vista. Anyone lucky enough to run on a Linux platform won’t need any directions from me. Sorry Mac users, you will need to Google this for yourself (grin).

***********************WARNING **********************
This will override the normal operation of the lookup process. If a web site changes its Internet IP number you will not be able to see it afterwards!!
You can create your list and save a copy of this post beforehand. How would you read it otherwise (grin)? Then make these changes in the event of a blackout .
Alternatively you can simply remove any site from your manual PC settings.

You will first need to start a Command Prompt window. To begin, click on the “Start” Button. Navigate to “All Programs” and select the “Accessories” Menu. The icon will be visible in the sub menu. When you select the Command Prompt a black window will appear. There will be a flashing cursor after some text (eg C:\Users\Admin>_). This means that the program is awaiting your command. Type “ping” (without the inverted commas) and hit the enter button on your keyboard. See below for a screenshot.

You can write the number down or you can copy and paste it into a text file. This is far better in the long run. To simplify things I will give separate instructions for the XP and Vista operating systems.

To copy you will need to right-click on the top bar of the Command Prompt Window with your mouse and choose properties. A new menu will appear. See screen shot. Ensure the “Quick Edit” mode has a tick in the box and select OK.

Highlight the text with your mouse (click at the start of the number, hold the mouse button down and drag the mouse to the end of the number). Press the Enter key on your keyboard. Nothing happens onscreen but the number has been added to the clipboard. Open Notepad and paste the number into the text file. It will help greatly if you copy the web address also into your text file. Copy the entries one site per line.

Open another copy of the Notepad program. From the Menu select File and then Open. Browse to the following folder on your computer C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc. You want to open a file called hosts but you need to change the search to show all file types before it becomes visible in notepad.

The file has instructions and sample entries for you to follow/copy. If the list you created has one entry per line just add them to the next line after the local host number. Do NOT remove that line. Close the hosts file and save the changes. That’s it

Vista & Windows 7
To copy the IP number you will need to right-click somewhere on the text with your mouse and select Mark. Highlight and copy the text in the same way as XP users. Copy the number to a text file along with the web address in the same manner as the XP users – one site per line. Vista is different in that you must make changes to the host file as the PC administrator.

Do not open Notepad as normal from the Accessories menu, instead right-click on the program’s icon and select “Run as Administrator”. From Notepad’s menu bar choose File and Open. Browse to the following folder C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. Again change the file search types to “All Files”. This file also has instructions and sample entries for you to follow/copy. Do NOT remove the entries relating to the localhost. Close the hosts file and save the changes.

To conclude, while this is not a comprehensive method of simulating the main Internet DNS servers it may give you some opportunity to maintain an internet presence. I sincerely hope it does not happen as it would be the opening move in a long-planned move against the citizens of the world. If you have even basic online connections you will be better informed than many around you. Good Luck.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Revenge of the Tin Foil Hat Brigade

Bwha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Please excuse the unprofessional greeting of this post. The great climate warming debate is just about to be blown wide open. Some white-hat hackers managed to gain entry to the servers for the University of East Anglia. These manage the IT systems for the Hadley Climatic Research Centre.

This is a seemingly innocuous unit that helped prepare the Data Models for the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). They “discovered” the hockey stick graph that Al Bore used to link global warming with manmade CO2 output.

Well the hackers posted various e-mails, documents and even the source code for the computer models online. Grab a copy here – thanks to Mr Morphed and Pete Gallagher’s blogs for the link.

Guess what? The numbers were fudged and the outcomes “massaged”. They chose to remove and even manipulate the data to suit their predetermined outcome. Apparently the real data no longer exists. This is not poor science or even human error – it’s FRAUD. Global temperatures have been cooling for the last 9 years. Check out some of the cold temperature records set last year. This guy also has a lot to say on the issue.

Global warming is a scam. The same phenomenon is happening on Mars and other objects in our solar system – not a lot of 4 x 4‘s on Mars (There are 2 but they are solar powered). The desire to create Carbon Taxes is to fund a global government – and huge amounts of money for those who administer them.

Do not fall for this monstrous scam. Don't even take my word for Check out the download for yourself.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Pole Dancing for the Gods

UPDATE 27/11/09

Dublin Mick has sent me a link to an excellent site on this topic. This is a very well written article. While it is based on Newtonian Physics it is still well worth reading.


There are literally thousands of articles and videos currently on the web discussing the portents of 2012. The genesis of this recent phenomenon lies in the calendar of the ancient Mayan culture. The Mayan's had an extremely sophisticated – and accurate - method of keeping track of time and the stars. It was based on three separate calendars. The most important and most encompassing of these calendars holds the 'Long Count' - the period from the beginning until the end of time. The Long Count finishes
on December 21st 2012 (21/12/12).

While this may be considered as a minor fact worthy only of note only to archaeologists it coincides exactly with a very rare celestial event called The Holy Cross or Galactic Alignment. This occurs once every 26000 years.

This "coincidence" has spawned many end-of-the-world theories and a tinfoil hat is advisable when reviewing many of them (grin). There are a couple of ideas that I have come across that may deserve further investigation. Despite their seemingly disparate nature the 2 theories that I will discuss share a similar outcome – that of a shift in the Earth’s magnetic pole.

The idea of a shift in the Earth’s magnetic pole is a hard reality known to Geologists. Rock analysis has shown that it has happened frequently - cooling lava retains a trace of the planet’s magnetic polarity. There is no known terrestrial mechanism to explain how it happens.

Theory 1: The return of Planet X.

Planet X goes by many alternative names such as Nibiru or Wormwood. It is alleged to return every 3600 years or so. X is reported as either a large planet or as a planet orbiting a brown dwarf star which is a companion to our own. It is seemingly on a long elliptical orbit and hence is “invisible” for long periods until its sudden appearance on closest approach to the Sun. This video makes the case.

Theory 2: A massive expansion of the Sun’s magnetic field.

In essence the theory states that large tensions build up in the Sun due to the fact that the surface of the Sun at its Equator moves around the Sun faster than the surface in the Polar Regions. This causes a twisting/winding of the magnetic forces. After many solar cycles (1 cycle= 11 years) the theory postulates that the tensions reach a point where they must unwind to relieve the pent up stresses. This is done by expanding outwards into the inner solar system - swamping the Earth’s magnetic field. This article is an excellent description.
NB Cliff High also has an excellent project called the ALTA project from the same site.

I am undecided at this time on what, if any, this conjecture may lead to. My primary reasoning is that I am a firm believer that the Electric Universe points to a more factual model of the Universe. The above 2 theories are based on the classic Newtonian Motion and Nuclear Sun models of the solar system.

The majority of star systems contain 2 or more stars in orbit around each other. Our Sun is currently believed to be a solitary star system - seemingly Jupiter didn’t make the grade by evolving in a companion star! The truth may lie in a mixture of the 2 theories.
Mainstream astronomers believe that the solar system is, for all intends and purposes, static. I disagree.

There are numerous references in the records of ancient civilisations (Mayan, Chinese and Egyptian) to periodic episodes of civilisation shattering levels of upheaval. A polar shift would certainly fit the scenario. Planet wide movement of the Earth’s crust would lead to massive earthquakes, tsunamis and atmospheric upheaval.

I would like to recommend this video from some of the serious thinkers in the Electric Universe camp. It gives an excellent echo of a time when the solar system was NOT static. For anyone interested in a rational discussion of the 2012 phenomenon I would recommend starting here.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Something this way comes

I want to be very clear on the current swine flu issue. It is all BS propaganda and fear mongering. The facts when we examine them are that the dangers are vastly overstated. Certainly a number of people have died but the fatality rates are lower than those for the normal seasonal flu. An excellent news site for this so far has been this. Also check out Dublin Mick’s blog site.

Why all the media hype and panic? The best explanation is that it enables the UN’s WHO to flag all their doomsday scenarios. This allows western governments to enact a de facto state of martial law. It’s the old helgian dialectic, agenda control trick again – create a problem, propose your own solution and get the outcome you want. Once that’s in place we can be treated like the cattle they truly think we are. The pharmaceutical corporations will also make a killing – literally.

Here is a story that has been growing daily since the beginning of November but has yet to make any headlines in the usual media outlets for big brother.

I found it deeply disturbing that this outbreak was predicted over 2 months ago by an ex-Mossad agent called Joseph Moshe. He described the release of a bio-weaponised strain of Spanish Flu in Ukraine by a laboratory run by Baxter International. He did this in a live radio talk show in Los Angeles. He was immediately chased and detained by a large SWAT team. This article gives many links on the story.

This is also similar to a criminal charges filed in Austria by Jane Burgermeister against Baxter and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology for producing and distributing contaminated bird flu vaccine material last winter. She alleges that this was a deliberate act to cause a pandemic, and also to profit from that pandemic.

The incident occured in February 2009. Baxter’s Austrian biomedical laboratories in Orth an der Donau manufactured and distributed 72 kilos of vaccine material contaminated with the live H1N1 virus, to 16 laboratories in four countries, including Austria, so nearly triggering a pandemic, according to The Times of India.

Luckily a staff member of a subcontracted laboratory in the Czech Republic discovered this lethal contamination when all animals they tested died from this vaccine, and the contamination was reported to health authorities.
Her web site has many details on that case.

The really scary part is that this one sounds like the real 1918 "flu" - which was not flu at all. That outbreak was of a mutated form of typhus which arose out of a previous failed round of vaccinations. They just called it Spanish influenza to cover their asses.

If you love your family & friends NEVER take a vaccine. The chemicals in there are designed to inflame your immune systems responses. This will make the individual a “vector” for further propagation the disease.

I will normally reserve this type of material for my other blog. I feel it is also relevant here.