Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Revenge of the Tin Foil Hat Brigade

Bwha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Please excuse the unprofessional greeting of this post. The great climate warming debate is just about to be blown wide open. Some white-hat hackers managed to gain entry to the servers for the University of East Anglia. These manage the IT systems for the Hadley Climatic Research Centre.

This is a seemingly innocuous unit that helped prepare the Data Models for the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). They “discovered” the hockey stick graph that Al Bore used to link global warming with manmade CO2 output.

Well the hackers posted various e-mails, documents and even the source code for the computer models online. Grab a copy here – thanks to Mr Morphed and Pete Gallagher’s blogs for the link.

Guess what? The numbers were fudged and the outcomes “massaged”. They chose to remove and even manipulate the data to suit their predetermined outcome. Apparently the real data no longer exists. This is not poor science or even human error – it’s FRAUD. Global temperatures have been cooling for the last 9 years. Check out some of the cold temperature records set last year. This guy also has a lot to say on the issue.

Global warming is a scam. The same phenomenon is happening on Mars and other objects in our solar system – not a lot of 4 x 4‘s on Mars (There are 2 but they are solar powered). The desire to create Carbon Taxes is to fund a global government – and huge amounts of money for those who administer them.

Do not fall for this monstrous scam. Don't even take my word for Check out the download for yourself.



    As much as I am thrilled that the majority of people are now aware that the case for climate warming is not unanimous and maybe even that the facts – not interpretation or models – speak of the opposite trend please remember that if something is too good to be true then it usually is.

    If the morons on Fox news have seized on this then we must anticipate that an agenda is in play. Stay tuned – both of you (grin)


  2. Chucky I don't know if you read the the piece called the abomination of desolation but it short this researcher says everyone is AB blood type but fall to a, b, and o when copper is depleted. It is depleted by everything being put in the food supply, msg, chlorine, fluoride, bpa, and a host of others. I strongly recommend a good copper cooking pot and a copper mug and bracelet. The copper from the bracelet will rub off on the skin and be absorbed. Copper is a main ingredient for forming blood proteins and transferring energy between cells.

    A copper beer mug is not bad to have around either.